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Real-Time Tracking.
Click, Action & ROI.

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Detect & Fliter With ClicGum Technology Click Fraud
17-29% of clicks on paid ads are fraudulent. You can stop paying for them.

Click Fraud is Costing You Money

Focus and Boost Conversions.

Know where your conversions and revenue are coming from so that you can spend more time on marketing that works. Stop wasting money and efforts on poorly converting traffic.

Detect Click Fraud As It Happens

Track your entire sales funnel.

Extensive tracking features, including Engagement, Action, Device, OS, Browser, IPs, Time & Day, Location, Referrers, Traffic Sources, Custom variables and more!

Block and Deter Fraudulent Clicks

Detect and Deter Fake Clicks.

We constantly update our bot list to make sure you are only working with real humans. Detect and filter clicks from scammers and bots are costing you money while producing no revenue.

Recover Lost Money From PPC Ads

Pixel & Postback Tracking.

For networks that support third-party pixel codes or postbacks, your job is even easier! Just create a pixel or postback for each network, and your affiliate sales appear automatically in ClickGum.

Get the most out of your traffic, compare and optimize your marketing to increase the conversions and reduce cost.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel Easy-to-Use Control Panel

No Software to Install No Software to Install

Works Everywhere You Advertise Works Everywhere You Advertise

Add Retargeting to any Link Add Retargeting to any Link

Superior Speed & Accuracy Superior Speed & Accuracy

Optimize Conversions in all Campaigns Optimize Conversions in all Campaigns

Monitor and Target Every Click Monitor and Target Every Click

Track all Conversions - Leads, sales & Revenue! Track all Conversions - Leads, sales & Revenue!

Track Clicks in Real Time Track Clicks in Real Time

Protect your Traffic from Fraudulent Clicks Protect your Traffic from Fraudulent Clicks

Never, Ever Lose a Single Click - Again! Never, Ever Lose a Single Click - Again!

We Stand Behind our Product We Stand Behind our Product

Next-Gen Click Tracking Software - Enterprise Plan
features TURBO
Number of clicks 250,000
Number of links Unlimited
Number of rotators Unlimited
Custom Tracking Domain Unlimited
Sales Conversions
Advanced Postback URL Tracking
Actions Conversions
Multi-Mode Link Rotators
Engagement Conversions
Manual conversions import
Spit Testing
Link Cloaking
Max Clicks
Traffic Cost
Mobil URL
Lost URL
Repeated Clicks
Expiration Date
Reliability & Speed
24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring
FB Sharing with Custom Title & Description & Image
New Features Monthly Based on User Feedback
Google Analytics Compatible
Real-Time Stats
Retargeting Pixel
Responses Tracking
Report Export
Reset Stats
Blank Referrers
Advanced Filtering
Forward Params
Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing
Real-Time Click Fraud Monitoring
Google Adwords & Bing Ads Campaign URL Builder ( UTM tags )
Post back URL builder ( ALL Major CPA Networks )
Email Support
Finally, a tool that allows you to track and optimize your traffic without breaking your pocket!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to install any software on my computer?

ClickGum is a 100% web-based tool requiring no software to install. All you need is Internet access and a computer.

Is there a minimum commitment?

There is no signup fee, cancellation fee, or minimum term. You can use ClickGum for as short or as long as you need.

Can I change or cancel my plan at any time?

Yes you can simply access to the upgrade page and you will be able to change your plan with 1 click

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can, we actually encourage you to do so.

I have more questions, can I contact you ?

Sure! Email us at